Tom Crawford
BA (Hons), Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer, CIPD Qualified Learning and Development Practitioner


Hello, I'm Tom Crawford, the founder of Become. The name 'Become' is from an episode of my favourite TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, called 'Becoming', which is all about how the choices that we make, both the big ones and the small ones, influence who and what we become.

I chose to start Become following many different experiences in my life and decisions I've made, which have influenced who and what I have so far become, such as my first full-time job working with chemicals in a lab, deciding to study business at university. discovering self-development and strength training, and deciding to focus on mastery in these two areas.

Over the last fifteen years, I have been a student of how people achieve their potential in life, together with mental and physical training.

This has involved:

Competing in lots of powerlifting competitions, such as the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation annual world championships in Suffolk, 2022

Studying countless books

Reaching out to esteemed individuals such as athletes and coaches

Going to events such as the EliteFTS Learn to Train Seminar in Ohio, the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition in Birmingham, the L&D Connect Unconference in Manchester, and an Association for Talent Development Chapter Meeting in California

Creating a course about business and achieving our potential in life for community learning centres in Kenya

Designing, organising and delivering presentations to students on the importance of investing in ourselves and in our own development

I am passionate about the pursuit of mastery in powerlifting and in achieving my potential in life, together with helping other people achieve theirs, and I have a lot to offer anyone who is looking to achieve their potential in life and anyone who is looking to get strong.

Use this page for tips to help you achieve your potential in life and/or get strong, finding out about upcoming events / available services, and for getting in touch.

A snapshot of part of my own transformation...
In the first picture I am 24 years old, several months after starting to lift weights.
In the second picture I am 35, squatting 217.5kg in the BDFPA British Powerlifting Championships 2022. I also bench pressed 147.5kg and deadlifted 260kg in this competition for a 625kg powerlifting total, a personal record.

More videos of my lifts

For more videos of my lifting, please see my Instagram page (see below icon).

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