Ian Stewart

Ian is a very hard working lifter, very passionate about strength training and about powerlifting. Here, he gives his account of what five years of my coaching did for him.

Carrie-Anne Binning and Heather Beattie

Heather and Carrie were spending most of their time in the gym on the treadmill, weren't sure how to do anything else, and weren't making progress towards their goals.

They both wanted me to give them some structure and gentle accountability and coaching for their training towards their goals of losing fat, toning up, and gaining skills and confidence in the gym.

I taught them how to train. Now, they are going to the heavy weights area of the gym by themselves and each doing squats with a bar on their back and picking up a loaded bar off the ground and lifting it over their head. They have both lost fat, toned up, and gained a lot of confidence. Also, Heather went from 38% body fat to 34.3% in five weeks, and to 33% in another three weeks. Carrie preferred not to measure this.

As well as specialising in powerlifting, I am also exceptionally good at training complete beginners to weight training and to training in general. I am good at making people feel at ease, teaching them strength training exercises, clearly explaining the concepts involved, gently encouraging, motivating and inspiring them, and I am very patient.

If you have a fitness-related goal that means a lot to you, and that you think you could benefit from some help in achieving, why not get in touch with me?

Andy Scott (AS-1 Coaching)

Andy Scott of AS-1 Coaching is an amazing personal trainer, specialising in fat loss, who hired me to help him with his deadlift technique. Shown is what he had to say about that experience.

Lisa Goodwin (Lisa G PT)

Lisa is another wonderful personal trainer who hired me to help her out with her lifting technique, specifically with her squat.

Lisa is an expert in bodyweight training and rarely does back squats, however, she decided to work on her back squat a little. 

I helped her take her max from 60kg above parallel depth to 60kg ass to grass and 65kg to about parallel depth, in this one coaching session.

Lisa provided me with the following feedback:

"Great wee session Tom, since I barely ever do traditional squats etc... happy with that PB. PTs helping PTs!"

More Testimonials

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